Architecture in Infrared

Author: Werner Eisenreich

I have been taking pictures since I was 6 years old, practically as long as I can remember. Infrared photography entered my life in analog form in 1990, and also digitally 2 years ago with a converted Fujifilm X-M1 with 700nm infrared filter.

My infrared photographs are mainly in the architectural direction. In order to obtain the richest possible contrasts in the image, my photographs are taken under a blue sky whenever possible. However, for a pronounced image contrast, a building with a bright facade is also very helpful.

©Werner Eisenreich
©Werner Eisenreich

Most of the time I use a 16-50 mm lens for photography, mostly with 16 mm. An important aspect for me is the perspective, it should not be frontal if possible, also I prefer the view from the bottom up.

For me, the infrared technique is so appealing because it simply creates drama in architectural photography - and that without much effort.

©Werner Eisenreich
©Werner Eisenreich

Most of my image editing is done in Lightroom and is very minimal. It is usually limited to geometric alignment and cropping. But exposure corrections and selective brightening of image areas are also done here.

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