FAQ about Infrared Conversion Service

Can you also convert camera XY with filter Z?

Yes with pleasure. Check out the Camera List to see if I've already converted your camera model. Just send me an eMail to info@IRreCams.de or use the request form to get a quick quote from me. I have infrared filters in stock in all sizes.

I want a Full Spectrum Camera, do you offer something like that?

Yes of course, for an undefined conversion the 280 nm filter is perfect. After this conversion you can use different IR screw-on filters, shoot in UV or use the camera with UV/IR blocking filter "normally" again. an increased sensitivity is also interesting for astrophotography. However, I recommend this conversion only for mirrorless cameras! With a DSLR you have to work permanently in LiveView mode.

Do you have experience with Astro Modifications?

I have already installed an astro filter in several cameras as well. I can insert a so-called astro filter in selected cameras. This one lets only the visible light pass, like the standard filter, but is open a little bit longer in the near IR range. This allows the sensor to see the H-Alpha spectral range. In this range a lot of light is emitted by stars and some galactic nebulae. Please contact me if you are interested!

Camera XY is not on your list.

No problem! I always like to try new models for modification. Just write to me and I will make you an offer fast and easy!

How long will the conversion take?

After receiving the camera, it is usually converted for you within 14 days. At peak times, however, the processing time may be extended in exceptional cases. A shortened, guaranteed processing within max. 7 or max. 3 days from arrival of the camera is available for an additional charge.

What all should I send along with the camera?

I only need the camera and a fully charged battery. Everything else I already have here (memory cards and lenses to go with it). Please don't include anything else, there's just a chance I'll forget to pack it again. Shoulder straps and hand straps I have to remove for the conversion anyway, you are welcome to take them off in advance.

Do you ship outside Germany as well?

Shipping to all EU countries is possible without problems. Here I charge an additional shipping fee of 10, - €.

Please send me your bank details so I can pay in advance!

You pay conveniently by invoice after you have received your camera back. The bank details or PayPal address comes with the invoice.

Can I see everything with an infrared camera at night?

Yes and no. There is no light at night, not even infrared light. If you simply go out at night with your IR camera, you won't see much. As with visual photography, you need an (IR) light source. Only then you can see something with the infrared camera at night.

Can I see heat gaps in buildings with an infrared camera?

Unfortunately, no. When we talk about infrared here, we are talking about the near infrared spectrum (700 - 1,200 nm). We do not perceive these spectral ranges as heat. True thermal radiation (mid IR) ranges from 3,000 to 50,000 nm. The normal CCD and CMOS sensors of photo cameras cannot "see" these wavelengths. For such applications real thermal cameras are necessary.