Infrared photography and camera conversion service

Digital infrared photography includes various creative filtering techniques that make familiar landscapes and objects appear in a whole new way. The images in the IR range produce a very special "look", they gain contrast and brilliance, often even appear mystical. A normal camera cannot easily see the light that is invisible to us. To get the best image quality an infrared conversion is necessary, which makes the camera sensitive to infrared radiation.

Infrared Conversion Service

Almost every digital camera is suitable for digital infrared photography. During the infrared conversion, the manufacturer's blocking filter is removed and replaced with an infrared filter. This makes the digital camera sensitive to infrared radiation and you can shoot handheld with fast shutter speeds. The camera can be used as usual, only now it produces special images.

This sounds quite simple, but requires a lot of know-how and the right technology. Since 2011, I have been converting digital cameras from all well-known manufacturers for infrared photography, whether micro-four-thirds or medium format.

Satisfaction guarantee

  • High-quality optical glass, of course "Made in Germany"
  • No hidden costs
  • Payment by invoice
  • 14-day return policy if not satisfied
  • If something breaks I come up for the damage
  • 1 year warranty on the camera

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