Infrared Photography Workshops

The Infrared Photography Workshops are designed to provide theoretical and practical knowledge and are aimed at both beginners and advanced infrared photographers. In theoretical seminars, the basics are teached and post-processing is demonstrated. On location, we then discover unique subjects in the most beautiful places in Germany. By the way, you can borrow your desired infrared camera for a small fee, should you not yet own a camera or want to try out a different camera.

These Workshops are only available in Germany and are teached in german only.

Free Infrared Beginner Tutorial

Infrared Photography Webinar

If you're thinking about getting into Infrared Photography, but are unsure or unclear about some aspects, you can watch this free tutorial here. The 1.5 hour webinar was recorded at the end of July and takes you from A to Z through all the important aspects of infrared photography. Starting with camera conversion options, filter selection, infrared hotspots and basic infrared editing. This Tutorial is only available in german language, though.

The Infrared Webinar organized by the Fuji Store took place on 7/27/2021. Thanks again for a great evening and for providing the recording!

Infrared Workshops for 2022

There are no workshop dates for 2022 yet. As soon as these are fixed they will be announced in the newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Infrared Workshop Island Rügen: 30.04.-02.05.2021

This Workshop lies in the past!

Germany's largest island is a particularly rewarding destination for infrared photography in early summer. The young green of the plants, impressive stretches of coastline and beautiful seaside resort architecture form a rich array of different subjects in a small space.

More details can be found in this Flyer.

Infrared Workshop North Swabia: 02.-04.07.2021

This Workshop lies in the past!

Southern Germany is a worthwhile destination for infrared photography in summer. The lush green of the plants, old castles and medieval architecture form a varied offer of different subjects in a small area.

More details can be found in this Flyer.