Process of Infrared Conversion Service

You want to buy a specific camera model? Or you already have your own camera and want to have it converted for infrared photography? I will be happy to do the conversion for you and, if necessary, also arrange your desired model. Please have a look in the section camera models. If your camera is not listed there, it does not mean that it is unusable for a conversion. In principle, any camera can be converted for infrared photography.

Infrared Camera Conversion

The Hotmirror Filter in front of the camera sensor is replaced by an Infrared Filter. In addition, the autofocus of the camera is calibrated for the infrared spectrum. So you get a native Infrared Camera that you can use as normal, even without a tripod.
Please read the section Infrared Conversion explained for further information in the area of Infrared.

Infrared Filter Choice

You have the choice between different filters. 280 nm (Full Spectrum), 630 nm and 700 nm are already included in the basic conversion price. Other filter options are available for an additional charge. Information on the filters can be found in the Infrared section at Infrared Effect Filters in Comparison. There you will find a comparison between the filters as well as original RAW files for download. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please write a short message, I am happy to help you solve the open questions.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Risk

In my experience, the chances of the camera being damaged during the conversion are very low. Of course, I can never completely rule out a defect, so I also take the risk of the conversion. Should I actually damage something on your camera, I will either replace the current value of the camera or take care of an equivalent replacement device.

Unfortunately, if you send me your camera for modification, I cannot provide a classic return policy, which would mean reinstalling the original filter. However, if you are not satisfied within 14 days, you can send the camera back to me and I will refund the invoice amount plus the current value of the camera or provide an equivalent replacement device.

Please keep in mind that any existing manufacturer's warranty expires with the conversion. However, I grant a 1-year warranty on proper functioning of the camera (both for the conversion service and for the purchase of an infrared camera). So if something does not work properly after the first 14 days, you are not on your own.

Read the cancellation policy here

Infrared Conversion Process

If your camera is on the list of officially supported cameras you can place an order directly in the online shop. If your camera is not listed, or you still have questions, you are also welcome to send me an eMail to with information about the camera model and the desired filter. You are also welcome to use the request form for this purpose.

In addition to the camera, I ask you to include a fully charged battery. A lens and a memory card I usually already have here. I recommend that you ship the camera insured with a logistics provider of your choice.

After receiving the camera, it is usually converted for you within 14 days. At peak times, however, the processing time may be extended in exceptional cases. A shortened, guaranteed processing within max. 7 or max. 3 days from arrival of the camera is available for an additional charge. After successful conversion you will receive the invoice, the camera will be sent back to you at the same time.

After successful conversion you will receive an invoice, at the same time the camera will be sent back. You have a 14-day payment period to pay the invoice amount (either via bank transfer or PayPal). No prepayment is necessary.

Costs of the Infrared Conversion

For the conversion of a DSLR camera I charge starting from 260,- €* incl. 280, 630 or 700 nm filter, adjustment of the autofocus and return shipping of the camera within Germany. Shipping to other countries within the European Union is possible, see below.

I offer the conversion of a digital mirrorless camera starting at 250,- €* to the same conditions.

Depending on the filter choice, camera model and processing time, there may be additional costs. These will be displayed in the order process in the store. A price overview for the base price can be found on the overview page.

*Prices include VAT at the legal rate. I reserve the right for selected models, which are particularly complex to convert, to estimate a different price (which I will clarify before the conversion). The installation of other filters is possible for an additional charge. Changes and errors excepted.


Shipping is only with DHL as insured parcel shipping. You can choose to have the camera delivered to your home or specify a Packstation as the delivery address (Germany only). The shipment is usually Monday to Saturday. Shipping within Germany is free of charge for the conversion service. All prices include shipping costs (if not explicitly stated). Shipping to other EU countries is also possible, in this case I charge additionally a shipping fee of 10,- €. Shipping outside of EU territory is not possible.

Payment Options

You can choose to pay via bank transfer or PayPal. If you use the conversion service, you can conveniently pay by invoice after recieving back the camera. The payment period is 14 days. If you buy an already modified camera from my stock, the payment has to be done in advance. You will always receive details about the payment options (bank details, PayPal account) together with your invoice.