Shipping costs

Shipping of goods is generally performed as a package with DHL or DHL Express. The only exception are postcards and coupons which are sent as a letter with the German Post.

Shipping costs within Germany

All orders over 100 € order value are generally shipped free of charge within Germany. For orders under 100 € the following shipping costs apply:

ProductShipping costs
DHL parcel over 100 €0,- € *
DHL parcel under 100 €5,- € *
Postcards and Coupons1 ,- € *
*Shipping costs include 19 % VAT

Shipping costs within European Union

ProductShipping costs
DHL Parcel10,- € *
Postcards and Coupons2 ,- € *
*Shipping costs include 19 % VAT

Shipping outside of EU territory is not possible