Forensic Camera Conversion Nikon

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Forensic conversion Service for your Camera.

The conversion ensures maximum spectral sensitivity for UV, VIS and IR light. You have questions or are unsure? Write non-binding message.

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This modification removes the UV/IR blocking filter ( Hotmirror ) from your camera and replaces it with a neutral filter. With this modification the maximum sensitivity of the camera sensor for UV radiation, for visible light and for infrared radiation is guaranteed. The sensitivity of the sensor starts (depending on the model) at approx. 300-320 nm and ends at 1,100-1,200 nm.

After conversion, your camera is suitable for all forensic examinations. This includes building forensic examinations, forensic medical examinations or art restoration techniques. However, suitable spectral filters (long-pass, short-pass or band-pass filters) and, if necessary, special light sources are always required for a sensible application. A sophisticated and well-tested filter set for building forensics can be ordered from Prof. Andreas O. Rapp. Special lamps and accessories for the analysis of wooden instruments can be ordered from Shop-Schilbach .


Attention: There is an infrared LED inside the following cameras: Z5, Z6, Z7. The cameras must necessarily be operated with electronic shutter, the use of flash units is not possible.

Note: The automatic sensor cleaning function is lost with this cameras: Z5, Z6, Z7. After the conversion, the sensor can be cleaned as usual dry with compressed air or wet with all preparations.


After receiving the camera, it is usually converted for you within 14 days. At peak times, however, the processing time may be extended in exceptional cases. A shortened, guaranteed processing within max. 7 or max. 3 days from arrival of the camera is available for an additional charge. After successful conversion you will receive the invoice, the camera will be sent back to you at the same time.

The shipment is regular as an insured DHL package. On request, a DHL Express shipment with delivery on the next business day is possible (within Germany).

Note: We have no influence on the time DHL needs for delivery. The delivery time must always be added to the processing time.