Forensik Kamera Canon EOS RP

1.635,00  incl. VAT

Already converted forensic camera. This is a new device incl. 1 year warranty.

The modified fullframe camera exploits the maximum spectral sensitivity for UV, VIS and IR light. You have questions or are unsure? Write a non-binding message.

The current stock is shown. If there is no camera in stock, one will be ordered and converted for you ("backorder"). This extends the delivery time by approx. 1 to 1.5 weeks.

Delivery time: 3-4 workdays

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The internal AV/IR blocking filter ( Hotmirror ) has been removed from the camera and replaced by a neutral filter. This modification ensures the maximum sensitivity of the camera sensor for UV radiation, for visible light and for infrared radiation. The sensitivity of the sensor is approximately in the range of 300 - 1,200 nm.

The fullframe camera is suitable for all forensic examinations. This includes building forensic examinations, forensic medical examinations or even art restoration techniques. For a useful application, however, suitable spectral filters (long-pass, short-pass or band-pass filters) and, if necessary, special light sources are always required. A sophisticated and widely tested filter set for building forensics is distributed by Prof. Andreas O. Rapp -> available here.


Note: The automatic sensor cleaning function has been removed due to the conversion. The sensor can be cleaned as usual dry with compressed air or wet with all preparations.

Attention: The automatic Sensor cleaning function *MUST NOT* be switched on again. If Sensor Cleaning is set as a startup action it can cause the camera to fail starting up. I turn it off in the menu, but cannot hide this option. Please be aware that this can irreversibly damage the camera if sensor cleaning is set as a startup action.


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