Infrared Conversion Canon Mirrorless Cameras

260,00 520,00  incl. VAT

Infrared Conversion Service for Mirrorless Canon Cameras.

You are unsure with the entries or your Filter choice? Just write me a non-binding message.


Attention: Light reflections can also occur with some EOS RF lenses. In this case, the LED is located in the lens and light reflections can occur with long exposure times and / or dark lighting conditions. If EF lenses are used with an adapter on an EOS R camera, there is no problem.

Note: The automatic sensor cleaning function is lost with all cameras. After the conversion, the sensor can be cleaned as usual dry with compressed air or wet with all preparations.

Attention: With the conversion, the sensor cleaning function is lost and *MUST NOT* be switched on again. If Sensor Cleaning is set as a startup action it can cause the camera to fail starting up. I turn it off in the menu, but cannot hide this option. Please be aware that this can irreversibly damage the camera if sensor cleaning is set as a startup action.


After receiving the camera, I will modify it within 14 days. Faster turnaround times of max. 7 or max. 3 days are possible on request. After successful conversion, I will issue you the invoice and send the camera back immediately.

The shipment will be made as an insured DHL parcel (14 and 7 days processing time) or as a DHL Express shipment with delivery on the next business day (if you choose 3 days processing time, only available within Germany).

Note: I have no influence on the time DHL needs for delivery. The delivery time must always be added to the processing time.