WhiteCard for IR Whitebalance

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Matte coated PVC card - a flexible and waterproof credit card sized white balance card.

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A good white balance is the first step to a good Infrared Photo - not only for color Infrared images but also for B/W images. A neutral reference object is worth its weight in gold to be able to adjust the white balance exactly. Unfortunately, you are not always lucky enough to find something like that in the picture. Carrying a large gray card or an expensive colour reference card is usually impractical.

The WhiteCard in credit card format is just always with you (no more excuses). It is small and fits in any wallet, photo backpack or pants pocket. A key ring or a ribbon can be attached to the integrated hole - so it can't get lost.

The small PVC card is matt coated and thus helps to find a good white balance in any lighting situation. The WhiteCard is waterproof and washable. The soft PVC material makes it very flexible and at the same time virtually unbreakable.