Infrared Conversion Nikon Mirrorless Cameras

270,00 500,00  incl. VAT

Infrared Conversion Service for Mirrorless Nikon Cameras.

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Attention: There is an infrared LED inside the following cameras:Z5, Z6, Z6 II, Z7, Z7 II. Light reflections can occur with long exposure times and / or dark lighting conditions.

Note: The automatic sensor cleaning function is lost with this cameras: Z5, Z6, Z6 II, Z7, Z7 II, 1 V1. After the conversion, the sensor can be cleaned as usual dry with compressed air or wet with all preparations.

Note White Balance: With some cameras, the white balance cannot be set correctly in the camera. Depending on the lighting situation and filter, manual white balance in the camera is not possible and returns an error message (the problem also occurs with the InfraBlue filter). The white balance can be set to 2500K with color correction, but usually a significant magenta color cast remains in the image. When photographing in RAW (recommended) this does not matter because the white balance can be set correctly on the PC. Photographing black and white JPEGs in the camera is also possible without any problems.

Note Line Pattern: Some Nikon Z series users report line artifacts in infrared images. With a very high contrast image processing, lines of the AF system may become visible on the images. The chance increases with stronger IR filters, with weak filters the effect seems to be less pronounced. The lines are also only visible with very strong post-processing of contrast, clarity (Local Contrast) and/or haze removal.


After receiving the camera, it is usually converted for you within 14 days. At peak times, however, the processing time may be extended in exceptional cases. A shortened, guaranteed processing within max. 7 or max. 3 days from arrival of the camera is available for an additional charge. After successful conversion you will receive the invoice, the camera will be sent back to you at the same time.

The shipment is regular as an insured DHL package. On request, a DHL Express shipment with delivery on the next business day is possible (within Germany).

Note: We have no influence on the time DHL needs for delivery. The delivery time must always be added to the processing time.


Die WhiteCard im Scheckkartenformat ist einfach immer dabei (keine Ausreden mehr). Sie ist klein und passt in jede Brieftasche, Fotorucksack oder Hosentasche. Am integrierten Loch kann ein Schlüsselring oder ein Band befestigt werden – so kann sie nicht verloren gehen.

The small PVC card is matt coated and thus helps to find a good white balance in any lighting situation. The WhiteCard is waterproof and washable. The soft PVC material makes it very flexible and at the same time virtually unbreakable.


You can find more Information about the WhiteCard directly here.