830 nm Infrared Filter

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830 nm long pass infrared filter with a slim mount - suitable for wide-angle lenses.

Only suitable for infrared modified cameras. Compatible with the following filters: 280 nm, 550 nm, 630 nm, 700 nm and InfraBlue.

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This filter is only for infrared modified cameras. With a normal, unmodified camera, the effects shown cannot be achieved.

The camera has to be converted with one of the following filters: 280 nm (Full Spectrum) or 550 nm, 630 nm, 700 nm or InfraBlue


With the 830 nm filter, color images are no longer possible; it provides exclusively monochrome infrared images. The B&W results are only a little more intense than with the 700 nm filter. However, this small advantage is bought with a significantly lower sensitivity. The filter swallows about 2 f-stops of light, which is why it cannot be unreservedly recommended as the best black and white infrared filter. Although I do not recommend a fixed installation, you can find many nice applications as a screw-on filter for specific use.


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