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10 years Infrared Anniversary!

In January 2011 I started to convert system cameras for infrared photography - at that time only casually on ebay. In the meantime a lot has happened: Own website, social media appearances, a Newsletter and Infrared Filters have become figureheads. I took the 10 year Infrared Anniversary as an opportunity to redesign the website.

English Website

The website, primarily the Infrared Guide, has generated a lot of positive feedback. In addition to a fundamental content and visual revision of the pages in recent weeks, the complete website is now bilingual. Well, almost the complete website. The old posts in the blog will not be translated afterwards. But new content in the blog will be! This concerns not only articles and guest posts but also the darktable editing videos.

English Website
English Website

New Newsletter

The Newsletter system has been completely renewed. Besides the chic and shiny new look, there are also a few technical changes. Subscribing and unsubscribing is completely automatic via a form.

But that's not all! Instead of irregular intervals, the newsletters will now be more regular (and of course also in English). Once a month I will try to give creative suggestions and inform you about the latest news.

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