CALIFORN-IR – a dystopic road trip through california

CALIFORN-IR - ©Simon Puschmann

Author: Simon Puschmann

California: The Dream Factory, land of Counterculture & Innovation.

There is no other landscape in the USA that has shaped several generations of mass culture just like California has. In his new series CALIFORN-IR, Simon Puschmann devotes himself to infrared photography and offers the viewer an exciting and at the same time disruptive perspective into contemporary California.

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First experiences with the 630 nm IR camera

Hohes Venn-Belgien-IR-630

Author: Herbert Hecker

Ever since I saw some digital Colorkey IR shots (blue sky combined with white foliage and white lawn) a few years ago, I've been excited by the thought of trying it myself. And I haven't regretted it for a minute. I'm thrilled with the quality of the conversion including the 630 filter and the image possibilities that come with it. What I also appreciate about the camera conversion is that you can shoot handheld at ISO 100 without any problems.

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Milky Way in Teide National Park

Milchstraße im Teide Nationalpark 7 - Astromodifizierte Sony A7s - ©David Behne

A post by David Behne

I recently had my Sony A7s modified with an astro filter at IRreCams. The first chance to test the converted camera came in summer on Tenerife. In the middle of the island lies the volcanic national park Teide. Although the island is not very big and some cities are located around the national park, the quality of the night sky there is incredibly good. Possibly this is due to the altitude of 2000 meters, where you can already escape the light pollution of the coastal cities a bit. The park is full of lava, rocks, cacti and plants. So it is not difficult to find an interesting foreground for landscape photography with night sky. One has almost too much choice.

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Infrared in Portrait, Street and Architecture Photography

Potsdam-Babelsberg - Klaus D. Fahlbusch

An article by Klaus D. Fahlbusch

I experimented with infrared films (ORWO, later Konica) back in the days of analogue negative film. Certain experiences from that time, for example the angle of sunlight to the desired effect, are still valid today. For me, only the use in black and white photography is interesting, for which I have tried out several cameras.

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Analog and digital Infrared Photography - lumaho magazine

lumaho Magazin 01 2021

Analog and digital Infrared Photography have a lot in common, and yet they couldn't be more different. Manfred Hofmann knows both sides of infrared photography. He is the author of the magazine lumaho, which is published about twice a year. The First Issue 2021 is exclusively about Infrared Photography, from a digital and analog point of view.

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Nicht nur Landschaften. IRre Street-Fotografie

Barcelona im Park von Michael Henning Rost

Ein Beitrag von Michael Henning Rost

Nun ist sie wieder da – die typische Zeit für die Infrarotfotografie. Sonnenschein, frische grüne Blätter an den Bäumen, saftige Wiesen in weiten Landschaften und ein paar schneeweiße Wolken am tiefblauen Himmel. Und dann noch eine alte Kirchenruine oder ein Schloss auf dem Gipfel eines Hügels. Welcher Liebhaber von IRren Fotos freut sich nicht auf diese tollen Motive?

Aber auch abseits der Fotografie von scheinbar schneebedeckten Landschaften bietet die Infrarotfotografie viele kreative Möglichkeiten.

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