630 nm Infrared Filter

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630 nm long pass infrared filter with a slim mount - suitable for wide-angle lenses.

Only suitable for infrared modified cameras. Compatible with the following filters: 280 nm and 550 nm.

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This filter is only for infrared modified cameras. With a normal, unmodified camera, the effects shown cannot be achieved.

The camera has to be converted with one of the following filters: 280 nm (Full Spectrum) or 550 nm


The 630 nm filter allows light in the range from 630 nm to 1,200 nm to pass through. It is used primarily in color infrared photography. The red piece of glass can generate a blue sky in combination with golden foliage. Post-processing is slightly less involved than with the 550 nm filter, but a red-blue channel swap is still necessary to get a blue sky and golden foliage. The basic color saturation in the image is very high and you don't have to move the sliders too much to get a good image result. But also partially desaturated images (Colorkey) and black and white images can be created with this filter.

It does not provide the most intense black and white infrared image, but is still good for black and white shots. Especially those who are looking for more "Shades of Grey" in treetops instead of a very bright white will appreciate this filter also for monochrome infrared images. For a stronger black and white infrared image effect, the 700 nm filter is recommended. A similar image impression, but without the need for channel swapping, is provided by the InfraBlue Filter.

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