700 nm Infrared Filter

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700 nm long pass infrared filter with a slim mount - suitable for wide-angle lenses.

Only suitable for infrared modified cameras. Compatible with the following filters: 280 nm, 550 nm, 630 nm and InfraBlue.

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This filter is only for infrared modified cameras. With a normal, unmodified camera, the effects shown cannot be achieved.

Die Kamera muss mit einem der folgenden Filter umgebaut sein: 280 nm (Vollspektrum), 550 nm,  630 nm oder InfraBlue


A 700 nm filter lets the light from 700 to 1,200 nm pass through. When you hold it in your hands, you have virtually a black disk in front of your eyes. The 700 nm filter can be considered a "real" infrared filter, because it does not let through any significant parts of the visible light. It can be used for color IR as well as black and white infrared images. It is the most commonly used filter and is always recommended for undecided "beginners" in infrared photography.

For black and white infrared photography, the filter provides a very high contrast image with almost white foliage and dark sky. It is true that stronger IR filters provide a little more intense image results, but at the expense of sensitivity. If the focus is more on color IR photography, the 630 nm or InfraBlue filter is a good alternative.


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