Normal Filter (Hotmirror)

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UV/IR Cut Filter filter with a slim mount - suitable for wide-angle lenses.

Only compatible with Full Spectrum or Astro converted Cameras.

Delivery time: 3-4 workdays

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This filter is only for infrared modified cameras. With a normal, unmodified camera, the effects shown cannot be achieved.

The camera has to be converted with one of the following filters: 280 nm (Full Spectrum) or Optolong Astrofilter.


The name says it all. This filter is a UV/IR blocking filter (also known as Hotmirror) and only allows visible light to pass onto the sensor. On a Full Spectrum Camera, such a screw-on filter can be installed in order take "normal" pictures again. Thus, only one camera can be used for both infrared and normal photography.


Advantages Normal Plus Filter:

  • Improved color rendering, especially neutral colors when using the camera's internal automatic white balance
  • Hydrophobic surface coating for easier cleaning
  • Slim filter ring reduces the risk of vignetting (a front thread is available on both versions)



More information on the Infrared Filter comparision page.

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