Nikon Z30 converted *NEW*

939,00  incl. VAT

You are buying a new camera that has already been converted for you with the selected Build-In filter.

The camera is not in stock and will be purchased for you on order, therefore the delivery time is approx. 14 days.

Are you unsure about the specifications or your filter choice? Please write to us a non-binding message.

Delivery time: 14 days


Note White Balance: The white balance cannot be set correctly with this camera. Depending on the lighting situation and filter, manual white balance in the camera is not possible and returns an error message (the problem also occurs with the InfraBlue filter). The white balance can be set to 2500K with colour correction, but a clear magenta colour cast usually remains in the image. When photographing in RAW (recommended), however, this does not matter because the white balance can be set correctly on the PC. Photographing black and white JPEGs in the camera is also possible without any problems.